Jun 18

7 Principles of Investing

7 Principles of Investing Through years of experience, we have observed the effects of fear, greed, lack of discipline, groupthink, and many other pitfalls that investors experience. Accordingly, we at Foresight Wealth and Risk Management have compiled this list of seven principles of long-term investing. These are by no means exhaustive, nor will they guarantee investment success, but we hope that you will find them useful in helping you make investment

Jun 11

Perspectives Newsletter–Summer Edition 2013

2013 Summer Newsletter In this Summer issue of our Perspectives Newsletter, we've explored some of the fundamental principles of long-term investing. While it's impossible to predict future market movements or pick the perfect investment, experience and research has shown that there are some important steps we can take to help mitigate risk and increase your chances of positive financial outcomes working with Foresight

Jun 4

Bond Alert

Bond Alert This special report will help you understand the current environment for bonds and discuss how that environment may change with rising interest rates. We will also detail strategies investors may adopt to help mitigate bond risks and potentially reposition their portfolio using our Sandy financial

May 21

Investing in Your 40s and 50s

Your need for growth, income and liquidity and your risk tolerance are changing. It's time to focus on using your higher earning power to build your portfolio and maximize your wealth. We're here to help. At Foresight Wealth Management, we understand the importance of designing a comprehensive wealth management strategy that produces above average returns while preserving capital, managing risk and reducing volatility. Our commitment to developing one-on-one relationships with our clients combined with ongoing

May 14

Investing in Your 60s

You might be retiring from a successful career but your work is far from over. To ensure your wealth lasts through retirement and is preserved for future generations, planning is essential. At Foresight Wealth Management, our advisors can help create a comprehensive wealth management strategy that accounts for the unique factors that may affect your income and assets in retirement, including taxes, long-term healthcare and eldercare costs and lifestyle expectations. Our advisors will work with

Apr 9

Investing in Your 20s and 30s

Your life resembles a bull market: Your business and wealth are on the upswing. Even your family is expanding. At Foresight Wealth Management, our goal is to ensure your assets are protected and your portfolio continues to grow. Through active relationships with our team of advisors, we create tailored investment strategies with a focus on wealth building and future prosperity, including: Creating a portfolio with the right mix of stocks, bonds, private equity investments, hedge